Glasgow Property Factors, Walker Sandford, Announces A Dramatic Change In Their Google Search Results

Glasgow, Scotland, UK (PRWEB) April 14, 2013

In a recent audit of Walker Sandford’s industry Keywords it was revealed today that the company have achieved 41 Google Page 1 positions for organic search with a number of searches producing multiple Google Page 1 listings.

The company took on the SEO and Reputation Management services of on-line marketing consultant Maya Mendoza of Milagro Fusion Marketing in 2012.

“We saw a steady increase in Walker Sandford’s search engine page results throughout 2012,” said Ms Mendoza. “However, the upsurge through 2013 has been dramatic. We are putting it down to following Googles guidelines to the letter, adding regular updates on their blog, and an increase in social signals generated by our strategic use of Twitter and Google+.”

The much coveted industry top position for page 1 local search terms that Walker Sandford is ranking for includes:

> What is a Property Factor

> I am looking for a new Factor Glasgow

> How to replace my property manager

> Property Factoring Services Glasgow

“The exciting thing about these long tail keywords results,” said Christie Joy, social media assistant with Milagro Fusion Marketing. “Is that they are what we call in the SEO industry ‘buying keywords’. That means that people use those phrases when they are seeking specific information and they are about to buy that product or service.”

In addition to the top page 1 position in Google, Walker Sanford are also showing up in high page one positions for the following terms.

> Property Factoring Glasgow

> Replace my Property Factor

> Property Factors Glasgow

> Glasgow Property Factors

> Property Factoring FAQ’s

> Property Management Glasgow

> Property Managers Glasgow

Walker Sanfords successful search results are not limited to Google. They are also ranking in the top 5 position in YouTube for the search terms.

> Property Factor Glasgow

> Property Management Glasgow

> Property Factoring Services Glasgow

“Walker Sandford appears to be leading the race when it comes to organic search terms for our industry” said Founder Paul Walker “when you search for key terms for our niche we are showing up across the board. We are very impressed with the results Milagro Fusion Marketing has achieved for us.”

About Walker Sandford:

Walker Sandford provide a professional, tailored, factoring service for properties in Glasgow and the central belt of Scotland You can find out more about Walker Sandford Property Management Ltd by visiting their website below.

About Maya Mendoza:

Maya is a well known online marketing consultant and founder of Milagro Fusion Marketing She works with authors, entrepreneurs and businesses to help clients skyrocket their visibility, popularity and profits through digital and social media channels via content marketing, public relations and SEO. Maya is also the author of two books and was recently awarded the title Best Marketing Consultant Glasgow.

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