Glass How-to: Getting Started

Glass How-to: Getting Started

An introduction to the basics of Glass. Learn about the touchpad, the timeline and how to share through Glass.

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21 Responses to Glass How-to: Getting Started

  1. wen36912 says:

    looks shit and a major waste of money…i will NOT be buying such a intrusive device

  2. azdralovic says:

    thing can be detached from original frame and attached to any glasses or you can fit some prescription glass to this frame

  3. MyLifeIsAverage10 says:

    What about people who already wearing glasses ?

  4. Geoffrey de Vartek says:

    I know people will hate me for this but… “VEGETA WHAT DOES THE SCOUTER SAY ABOUT THE PICTURES WE SENT” “ITS OVER 8000, RAAAARRRGH !!!” XD

  5. DavyDave1313 says:

    This looks cool I’ll buy. Poor people stop ranting about how it’s sucks lolo just mad u can’t buy 😉

  6. KrossShadow . says:

    I just want it to look like a Dragonball Z scanner

  7. denys slyvka says:

    Some people under me are making veeeery long reaction BUT… I don’t think that someone will read them fully LOL …

  8. Robert harrison says:

    to be honest i don’t want a massive ass sheet of metal around my face. What they could do is make it so that it is integrated into some sunglasses or something and then have a pad that attaches to your wrist and the pad controls the glasses. just my idea to make it more compact and less awkward to control. Thumbs up if you agree.

  9. Danil Poletaev says:

    Если ты русский ставь лайк:)

  10. Mitchell DeShazer says:

    Will this impact vision since one eye is focusing on the content coming through the glass ?

  11. TheKillbot42 says:

    hotpocketpoison and slash 396 WOW

  12. hotpocketpoison says:

    -whereas Google Now often simply googles more generic information but does it faster. Android 5.0 is being revealed? great for the android SMARTPHONE users! how is that helping your argument? oh wait…HAHAHA!!! now you think this is a Glass vs Iphone debate dont you??? i could give a shit less what smartphone we use as an example, i was simply using the Iphone 5 because thats what i PERSONALLY own! you want to use the Galaxy S4? ok, lets do that! xD

  13. hotpocketpoison says:

    again! our making this into a Siri vs Google Now argument! i NEVER said Siri was superior, i said Google Now has no distinct advantages over Siri. watch soldier knows bests video on the subject, you can see that Siri gives far more relevant information for most of the answers such as directions(gives you multiple routs for fuel economy), game listings(shows you the scores), movie times(actually shows you what is IN theaters and lets you buy tickets, and places near you(such as restaurants).-

  14. Slash396 says:

    -feel compelled to stop arguing about Google Now? Interesting. Why would I “give up?” You’re the one changing your argument and stance on the subject because you know you are wrong.

  15. Slash396 says:

    – right around the corner. If you even keep up with the news with what you are arguing about, you would know that iOS 7 has been delayed. But do you know what is around the corner, less than a few weeks from being revealed? Android 5.0 which will make even more improvements to Google Now. And I never made it a contest between Google Now and Siri. That was you who said that you can use voice activation with Siri, which you said was better. Now that you have been proven wrong, you now-

  16. Slash396 says:

    I never said that. Don’t put words in my mouth. I said the megapixels don’t determine the quality of the picture. You just went off a rant over something I never even said. Oh, so now you are changing your argument. Now that I have provided specific proof to disprove your bullshit, you are changing your argument? How exactly goes Google Now give less relevant answers? You ask it a question, it give you the answer to that question in less time. It’s simply a fact. And iOS7 is not-

  17. Mw3VideoClips5StarS says:

    it will be releases end of 2013 or beginn 2014

  18. Kanna Ganga says:

    its not out yet.

  19. nickrulercreator says:

    where do i get it? (please respond)

  20. jannorasmus says:

    I would really want it :)

  21. Mark Pereira says:

    you guys don’t even have the damn eyes coded scroll or even the dreaded fucking voice up

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