Glenford University Gets 85% Ratings from Employers in the Gulf Region

(PRWEB) February 28, 2014

Graduates from Glenford University are most likely to get a job within three months of graduation, according to a survey conducted by World Wide Academics, a leading online education portal. The survey highlights academic excellence and strong practical knowledge as key factors among graduates from Glenford University that formed the basis for an 85% from employers across the Gulf region.

The report released by Worldwide Academics recently as a way of highlighting online universities achievements in terms of successful employments asked employers to name universities which, in their opinion, produced the most skilled graduates. According to the responses gathered, graduates from Glenford University were seen as the most skilled and able candidates with high academic qualification and the ability to counter difficult challenges. In addition to successfully meeting several criteria including level of innovativeness, drive to succeed and level of enthusiasm with regard to contributing value at the workplace, the survey also indicated that employers felt Glenford Universitys graduates fit well into their organizations work culture and add value to their daily business operations.

According to the surveys results, 88.5% of graduates from Glenford University exceeded the performance standard, while 82.7% of graduates from other leading universities failed to meet expectations. Graduates at Glenford University are seen as being highly equipped to remain competitive and at the forefront of their respective fields. As a result, Glenford University has become the number one choice for recruitment among top employers in Gulf region. The industry-responsive curriculum of courses offered Glenford University in their broad spectrum online degree, diploma and certificate programs, students are armed with professional skills, in depth knowledge and practical ability to surpass high performance level and achieve exceptional career growth.

Glenford University strives to deliver its students the very best in terms of education and learning experience. With its state-of-the-art online learning system and expert teaching methods, the aim of Glenford is to continue progressing towards higher standards of online education. The Public Relations department of the University issued the following statement to the press, We at Glenford aim to ensure that no deserving student is left out on his/her desire to acquire high quality education, ultimately helping him/her to achieve their academic and professional goals.

About Glenford University

Glenford University is a leading online university which offers high quality education to students across the worldwide by using technology. Glenford University is the perfect choice for students and working professionals who aspire to stand out and surpass academically and professionally. Glenford University offers unparallel online education programs in Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate level. With a global presence and expert faculty, Glenford provides online education in 16 schools and 71 diverse majors.

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