Global Firepower – 2013 World Military Strength Ranking

Global Firepower - 2013 World Military Strength Ranking Global Firepower – 2013 World Military Strength Ranking (Data & Facts) Global Firepo…
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  1. There are currently No other military forces on earth, either singularly or jointly, that can oppose the US Military on a field of battle. Our land forces are the best trained and equipped, our Navy has no peer, and our technology is overwhelming. Fighting an insurgent action is one thing..flat out annihilation is another!

  2. The numbers really don’t give a true picture of the state of a nations military strength. Technology, training, balance of capabilities, clearly defined objectives and the political will to support the military are just as important as how many tanks, planes, warships and soldiers you have. 

  3. this is all shit because you can’t believe just one site,you have to do alot of research from books to internet on every country,and you have to do it yourself FACT

  4. WOW! Every comment I see in these types of videos has people just…shitting on Russyia. Europeans are REALLY frightened of them. The country’s not interested in a fight a with your asses. They’ve beaten your ass plenty of times in the past, but you’re always asking for a rematch. Now you’ve all pulled your resources together to give it a one last go of it…to conquer it. One politician (they called them ‘statesman’ then) actually once said: “It is fundamentally unfair for one country to possess resources of such enormity”. You’d be surprised. This is why they’re always goading them to take the bait by closing in on their territory. Forget it! What Russia has isn’t leaving her hands, neither to you nor to the Chinese. You’d be wise to follow their example and relish what you have now instead of marching towards doom…where nothing of worth fighting for is left. Selfish trash. Can never have enough! This is the fucked up part of capitalist ‘values’. Pathetic. Anyway, Like the beats, bro. 

  5. That depends if the UK played defensively, the US hasn’t had real war experience against a first world country in a long time. This can’t be said for the UK. If the RAF waited at the UK and allowed the US to send carrier fleets then they could have the opportunity to sink a few carriers, costing thousands of US lives and billions of dollars, it would be a brutal, bloody war – but if it was an open field war, all cards on the table in an open area, the US would stomp the UK.

  6. I know the UK is America’s best ally, but if we were to go war against ya’ll. It would not be a contest at all… it would a beatdown. I think the only country that could challenge us would be China. Russia too, but their not financially capable of sustaining a war right now.

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