Global search engine marketing (SEM) with Anne Kennedy at SES Toronto 2012

Anne Kennedy, author of the brand new book Global Search Engine Marketing (SEM) ( speaks with Andrew Goodman at SES Toronto 2012 about her global search engine marketing panel. As Kennedy says, all search is eventually local, and so the first thing an SEM marketer has to know, especially when going global, is to know the market you’re going into. Second, Google is of course the dominant search engine in most markets, but there are five major exceptions to that rule: China, South Korea, Japan, Russia, and Hong Kong and Taiwan. Third, even Google doesn’t work the same in every country, and so SEM strategies need to be adjusted according to these algorithmic idiosyncracies. Global search engine marketers need to learn these quirks. Fourth, you need to learn how to work with these other search engines, like Baidu for China ( Yandex for Russia ( Naver for South Korea. Global search engine marketing requires a global sem mindset! The most surprising thing Anne Kennedy learned while writing her new book on Global Search Engine Marketing? North America only accounts for 12% of all the search in the world! To learn more about speaking at SES please visit: Join SES on Facebook at http Join SES on Twitter at
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