gmail chat window fail

gmail chat window fail

Image by roboppy
I forget when this started happening, but my gmail chat window is stupidly narrow and I don’t know how to fix it. I actually got used to should be wider.

Also, moffles = MOCHI WAFFLES.

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4 Responses to gmail chat window fail

  1. bearsilber says:

    Seems funny that it would do that…even funnier that you’ve learned to live with it :) I’d download Google Talk again and install the latest version…see if that handles it:

  2. food_in_mouth says:

    wonder if that’s a browser thing or just your acct… and damn yo, look at your spam box! that shit is insane!

  3. roboppy says:

    @bearsilber: Oo, I’ll try that, thanks! @Danny: Oh yeah..I don’t really look at my spam box. HAHAH.

  4. bearsilber says:

    Did that work?

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