Gmail Man

Beware the peeping eyes of the Gmail man! Learn more at

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23 Responses to Gmail Man

  1. optionalificatioable says:

    this ads look like ads in  60s generation

  2. Shanike De silva says:

    Come on MS, this is so immature.

  3. FiuRy. es says:

    All google for free. Microsoft should learn from that. Hotmail sucks Office 360 will never be used and windows 8 user hinders rather than help. Microsoft to stay anchored in windows 7 and office 2010 while Android, Ubuntu and Open Office or Google Docs it will forward laughing in your face.

  4. drumrocker365 says:

    Go Gmail!!

  5. Krims G says:

    I totally agree with the ad snooping and M$ is a hypocrite in this video.

  6. eaxvac1 says:


  7. Kevin Ouyang says:

    I can not even begin to describe how true this is

  8. eamileo says:

    google indeed does make it theirs

  9. BLSSupreme says:


  10. how2cre8webs says:

    i use gmail and I know the ads are ALWAYS relevant to what iam typing in my mail!!

  11. Gunnar Nilsen says:

    hahaha, even though its a stupid commercial its true=P

  12. someone28 says:

    Because its satire and once you are grown up you will understand.

  13. Ehsan Marzuki says:

    wtf watakala i just delete my fucking ciby email wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. aga1nst says:

    Well that’s real sneaky of M$, having in mind the recent discovery that Hotmail has been storing your email passwords in plaintext for decades…. Why? Most people use that same password everywhere, so….. Talk about what’s your business and what not.

  15. ivzbw3 says:

    microsoft sucks :)

  16. Mariano J. Ponce says:

    This is so poor and weak from MS, looks like they are begging to use I don’t know what new service they provide. But I only thought of GMAIL man, is the best ! hahaha

  17. chltmdwp says:

    besides I tried the bing it on, and the result were I prefer ping over google, just like the commercial stated, people prefers bing over google 2 to 1.

  18. chltmdwp says:

    so what? It is gaining share. It’s the business, gotta do what you gotta do to stay in competition. You are in a denial about its market share growth.

  19. Riley Larche says:

    Gmail is awesome do not dis others just because you want to be on top

  20. Sameer Chromium says:

    You are black-mail-ing G-Mail!

  21. Fox Wilson says:

    More open source!

  22. Fox Wilson says:

    On my part or Microsoft’s? 😀 Oh, and if Microsoft expects to get more likes than dislikes, epic^3 fail.

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