Gmail Man

Beware the peeping eyes of the Gmail man! Learn more at

23 thoughts on “Gmail Man

  1. All google for free. Microsoft should learn from that. Hotmail sucks Office 360 will never be used and windows 8 user hinders rather than help. Microsoft to stay anchored in windows 7 and office 2010 while Android, Ubuntu and Open Office or Google Docs it will forward laughing in your face.

  2. Well that’s real sneaky of M$, having in mind the recent discovery that Hotmail has been storing your email passwords in plaintext for decades…. Why? Most people use that same password everywhere, so….. Talk about what’s your business and what not.

  3. This is so poor and weak from MS, looks like they are begging to use I don’t know what new service they provide. But I only thought of GMAIL man, is the best ! hahaha

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