Gmail Power Tips

Matt Cutts walks through his Gmail settings.

17 thoughts on “Gmail Power Tips

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  2. Thanks Matt. I really like your presentation style. Could you share what software you used to capture your video feed, and the screen? Did you capture independently and then video edit together afterwards? If so, what editing tools did you use?

  3. Stop to be a slave, do not let google make theit own rules. Without customer Gmail will no longer exist.Google as no right for oblige you on this new layout.They have done it only for inserting add on the right like facebook model, remember the all page without any add fully dedicate to the message. So the best way for fucking google is to still use Gmail on HTML so far you’ll escape to the new ad insert google business witch is spying the content of your mail

  4. Awesome video, Matt! Thanks for all the powers tips! The most informative video I’ve seen in a l-o-n-g time! KUDOS! I’ll be subscribing to your channel!

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