GMail “Terminal” Theme

GMail “Terminal” Theme

Image by oceanic
GMail’s new "Themes" feature has a range of options, some disgusting, some lovely, including this "Terminal" one. The limited graphics seem to make this one really fast too.

If you can’t get access to GMail Themes, try going into your GMail settings and changing your Language to "English (US)", then logging out and in again. Google rolls out changes to their US users first, biased bastards! (not really, I love you Google, please don’t suspend my accounts 🙂

2 thoughts on “GMail “Terminal” Theme

  1. Yeah, I couldn’t handle this one for long either, not enough contrast between different interface elements. I changed to the "Pebbles" theme, because I like it’s muted colours. Not really big on the rocks pic in the background, but the rest is nice on the eyes. I now see that you can create a custom colour themes – I’m sure that wasn’t there when Themes were first launched. And no customisable background images yet.

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