GMail’s New GUI Editor

GMail’s New GUI Editor

Image by cote
I noticed that gmail has a new GUI editor. I don’t like GUI editors in email (I’m a plain text man), but developments in the web app editor world are always interesting.

See for the link that gets your gmail compose screen into this mode.

More text!

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5 Responses to GMail’s New GUI Editor

  1. farmerchris says:

    How did you find this? Maybe it’s assoicated with the public release of Gmail — which arrives tomorrow, according to rumor.

  2. kfury says:

    Your Terri monitor is out of date. :-(

  3. cote says:

    "Terri monitor"? What’s that? Oh! That thing in the corner. No, no, my friend, that’s my Abe Vigoda status.

  4.  Pyca  says:

    GUI editor: also known as WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get)

  5.  Pyca  says:

    I see you’re using Firefox on a Mac. Me too!

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