Go Bigger, Faster, with AdWords Scripts

Go Bigger, Faster, with AdWords Scripts

A key goal we have is to help you go bigger, faster by providing technology that does the heavy lifting so that you can gain efficiency and reach new users. To help you make the most of these solutions, we’ll be doing deep-dive webinars, reviewing new and little-known features and best practices for success. This webinar will be on AdWords Scripts, a new tool which allows you to make changes to an AdWords account by writing simple JavaScript programs. We’ll provide an overview of what can be accomplished with Scripts, walk through ways to customize pre-set Scripts, and show you how to write Scripts from scratch. Today’s webinar is intended for AdWords users who have some basic programming experience and are excited to take advantage of this new tool. For more information on AdWords Scripts, please visit developers.google.com
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  1. taboreqq says:

    What the hell? 360p ? U only can read “getting started” ;/

  2. RaiseUpConsulting says:

    Are you serious ?! a 360p 4/3 video… O_o Come on Google, we are in 2012 Thanks for sub-titles.

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