Go Google: Hall and Oates

Hall & Oates have gone Google – how about you? Create and share your own video using the Gone Google Story Builder. Get started at google.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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20 Responses to Go Google: Hall and Oates

  1. brendan treib says:


  2. bryan silva says:

    ha ha go Hall and Oates lol :)

  3. Scott Pries says:

    Is it just me or did Hall did all the work?

  4. 7xxkingofanimexx7 says:

    only add thats actually worth my time watching

  5. lorne stinnett says:

    i thought it was gonna be a scary pop up when he said scary lady o my gosh

  6. TheRedPawz says:

    Why… do I watch this….. for some reason, the force wont let me skip it….

  7. Alpha Haywire says:

    ikr wtf? It’s like accually entertaining…

  8. kerpal3 says:

    google has the best ads

  9. bryan silva says:

    this shit is the bomb i love the part were hes all like shes a maneater shes a man gobbler

  10. Evan Zakhary says:

    Love the song

  11. NYGiantsPower says:

    I love this ad!! and that other Ad that says “Keep Searching” and shows you what stuff has happened in 2012

  12. EmeraldAssasin says:

    i got this ad before this….

  13. Owen Sprouse says:

    usualy i’m like end end end end in my mind then this ad i ignore the “skip ad” button

  14. CodByKnight says:

    Hey Guys as you know its new year eve and i know u wont be looking at this but im only 6 subs away from 150 and it would make my year 😉 if i hit 150 by tonight! plz sub it would make my year! THANKSSS!!! -Knight

  15. Becky Rivere says:

    me toooo….so weird…. ^.^

  16. TheRedPawz says:

    They need to make a song, with them singing.

  17. CaseyFordAlexander says:

    Same here.

  18. KnightRyder43 says:

    Ain’t ever gonna skip this ad!!

  19. mripodguy279 says:

    never skipping add

  20. Tee Boner says:

    Apparently this ad is on a lot of Minecraft videos.

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