GO York Business: Masterclass Season

GO York Business: Masterclass Season
Event on 2014-11-20 17:30:00


Join the region's top business leaders, entrepreneurs and industry experts as we kick-start our fantastic GO York Business Masterclass Season sponsored by the Business School. Leading innovation in York, this season will be a series of keynote addresses by those at the forefront of business and knowledge.

The season kicks off on 20 November with Generating Social Value in Business (see below). 

Register yourself for the whole series of events here. Events are free, all are welcome, and refreshments will be served.


Led by Peter Ptashko (Unltd), with Ellen Shipley (Unltd)

& Helen Hoyle (Social Enterprise Yorkshire & the Humber)

Thursday 20 November 2014 | 17:30-19:30

De Grey Building (DG/125) | Campus map below

"Across The world, attitudes are changing. Old Certainties about tightly defined roles for government, civil society and business are dissolving. Social Sector organisations are becoming more business-­‐like, and business is looking ever more to delivering sustainable value. The Deloitte Millennials Report In 2013 Showed that young people believe that the number one purpose of business is to benefit society, and the 2014 Report showed that fifty per cent want to work for a business with ethical practices." – Profit with Purpose Businesses

This session explores:

  • How social purpose business is creating a social industry that is evolving new business models and opening up new markets?
  • Public perceptions and how this is driving new business model creation in the social industries
  • How HE is helping to build a body of collaborative research and business start-up incubators
  • How Ultd is acting as bridge between third sector, business and HE and what the lessons, legacy and next steps might be

This event occurs after the Social Enterprise Yorkshire & the Humber (SEYH) Conference and AGM, hosted by York St John University. Tickets for conference delegates and propsective exhibitors may be obtained here


Led by Professor Malcolm McDonald 

Thursday 4 December 2014 | 17.30-19.30

De Grey Building (Lecture Theatre) | Campus map below

The purpose of this session is to spell out how to develop a world class marketing strategy designed to grow shareholder value. The vehicle used will be ten crucial questions CEOs and CFOs are asking their marketing colleagues – and the answers they should be receiving.

Sponsored exclusively by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (Mid Yorkshire), the session addresses the following:

  • Introductory comments, to include: the pointlessness of P&L statements in the absence of market-based information; the wide range of business relationships and their impact on profitability; marketing and factors for success; the contents of value propositions.
  • Ten Questions, to include: market definition; proper needs-based market segmentation; defining differential advantage; setting profit-maximising marketing objectives and strategies; assessing quantitatively strategy risk
  • Calculating whether the strategy creates or destroys shareholder value; measuring the effectiveness of marketing expenditure with the right marketing metrics
  • Appendix containing post-presentation exercises for attendees.


Speaker tbc

Wednesday 11 February 2015 | 17.30-19.30

Phoenix Centre (PH/011) | Campus map below



Led by David Norris (YSJU)

Thursday 12 March 2015 | Time tbc

York Racecourse | Part of Venturefest Yorkshire

The rise of digital media and digital marketing cannot be ignored; it is arguably the biggest change in the business landscape in the past 10 years. The purpose of this session is to challenge current marketing practice around digital marketing and consider whether it is merely a fad or a business activity that cannot be ignored. The session aims to help answer the question – is digital marketing at best a tactical tool or can it help drive strategic direction? The vehicle used will be key industry statistics that challenge current perception.

The session deals with the following:

  • Does digital matter – a fleeting trend or fundamental shift? A look into current industry perceptions.
  • A review of strategic marketing frameworks and reflections on where digital marketing fits best.
  • A case study of how an SME shifted the focus of digital marketing and the impacts this has had upon overall firm performance and processes. 

 This event comprises part of Venturefest Yorkshire. Get your tickets for the event here.



Speaker tbc

20 May 2014 | 17.30-19.30

Phoenix Centre (PH/011) | Campus map below



Speaker tbc

15 July 2015 | 17.30-19.30

Phoenix Centre (PH/011) | Campus map below



Led by Associate Dean Noel Dennis

26 August 2015 | 16.00-19.00

Phoenix Centre (PH/011) | Campus map below

at York St John University College
Lord Mayor s Walk York YO31 7EX
Cheung Uk, Hong Kong

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