"GoatBeast" & Vegas wedding chapel among Hillingdon Council's mostvisited

"GoatBeast" & Vegas wedding chapel among Hillingdon Council's mostvisited
The top most-accessed websites on Hillingdon Council's network have been shown to include social networks, eBay and a Las Vegas wedding chapel. The website of the “Chapel of the Flowers”, based on the Las Vegas Boulevard, has received 6,266 hits …
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5 biggest website hacks in recent history
In 2000 a teenage boy carried out the first major distributed-denial of service attack (DDoS) responsible for crippling some of the internet's most popular websites. Canadian Michael Calce, 15, made a name for himself with Project Rivolta which took …
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Cryptographers Show Mathematically Crackable Flaws In Common Web
It's long been known that one of the oldest and most widely used standards for encrypting web sites has some serious weaknesses. But one group of researchers has found a method that downgrades that security scheme from vaguely flawed to demonstrably …
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