God of War: Ascension Review – Inside Gaming

God of War: Ascension Review - Inside Gaming

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  3. System is fine. These are pretty well known issues, just take a look over at the God of War forums.. people are raging. I guess you are one of the lucky ones.

  4. not to jump in on this conversation but I never had any issues that of which you stated. And also it might be your system having issues and not the game itself.

  5. no it does not santa monica has and never made a game with bugs iv played though this and found no bugs neither have my 8 friends who have all beat it

  6. Um, it is kind of bad though. It has so many bugs it’s truly impressive. Trust me, I love the series and I have Platinum on them all, but this is just bugs galore. Music cutting off, dialogue cutting off, dying during a cutscene (!) – this game has it all. They’ll need to patch the shit out of it.

  7. I agree that this deserves a higher score, but it ultimately comes down to the reviewers opinion. Just because people have different opinions doesn’t mean they are trying to make the game look bad.

  8. i dont have this game so i dont know if its good or not but its not that GoW fans are sensitive its the fact that reiewers point this stuff out for one great game and give it a bad rating but for games like call of duty they dont point it out nd give it a great rating which seems unfair

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