GoGreen.org Announces Changes in Their Social Media Communities

(PRWEB) September 01, 2012

During an end of month content management and social media meeting with GoGreen.org staff and business partners, and expansion and changes were announced to the GoGreen.org social media communities. These changes will begin to take effect during the week of August 29, 2012 and will affect Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets used by GoGreen.org. The concept of these changes is to tie in with current events in green living as well as with recent content changes and expansions occurring on the GoGreen.org site.

GoGreen.org has recently announced several expansions to the site including a diet, nutrition and health expansion as well as special focus expansions that will offer content spotlighting on in individual subjects of importance to green living. In light of these new expansions and changes the GoGreen.org, the content staff felt that it was time to make some changes to the social media outlets as well.

During a recent board meeting, Megan Coogle had the following to say regarding the expansions and the changes in how GoGreen.org offers social media connections.” In reviewing the expansions occurring with GoGreen.org and the many requests we have received from our readers, it was a unanimous decision to change the way we handle our social media and community content. In the past we have offered discussion topics that are directly linked to our online blog as well as our articles and specialized category sections of the site. Moving forward we will be focusing on current events, topics and news for the day as it pertains to green living. These green living topics and news articles will connect back to relevant blogs and articles on our site so that our readers may be informed of current events and may educate themselves further on the given topic. The overall concept is to bring a full circle to our readers where they can learn about current affairs, research those topics on our site and come back to discuss those topics and cultivate a stronger green living community through our social media outlets.”

When asked about the social media platforms the GoGreen.org will be using, Ms. Coogle stated that GoGreen.org currently has a Facebook, Twitter and Google plus outlets but they are open to other social media outlets as well including their developing YouTube channel and possibly MySpace networking. She also stated that they had several readers who are interested in developing discussions and communities through GoGreen.org and he may be bringing those interests to this expansion and upgrade of the GoGreen.org social media community.

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