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Search engine optimization case study for Gold Coast Dentist and Gold Coast Orthodontist, showing how to get your business ranked on page one multiple times for highly targeted key search terms. In this video you will see the results of search engine optimization on steroids, producing multiple front page listings across multiple search terms. If you are a Orthodontist Gold Coast or a Dentist Gold Coast you can achieve multiple front page listing using the strategies that I show in this video as I take a Kinesiology client onto the first page of Google 6 times for one keyword, which increased their business by more then 26%. All the strategies used in this video will work perfectly for a Gold Coast Orthodontist, or a Gold Coast Dentist. It is not that hard to increase your page rankings to page 1 once you know how it is done! For more information or help getting your clinic onto the first page of the search engines you can email me on..
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8 Responses to Gold Coast Dentist – Search Engine Optimization.wmv

  1. 12tejtej says:

    It would be a shame for you not to make extra money when these people are able to earn much more income so easily with Certor Cash Code (go google it).

  2. Susan Yen says:

    Great video. I have no idea how this search engine stuff works. All I know is my site isn’t being found in search results. The video explains a lot though. Thanks!

  3. Sally Watford says:

    Thanks again for getting my online business ranked on page one of google. I was really happy with the service and advice you gave.

  4. Philip Kryukov says:

    SEO can be daunting for new internet marketers. Too daunting for me. I let these guys do the hard work for me and they are as good as this video portrays. Recommended.

  5. Michael Moore says:

    Nice case study of Gold Coast Dentist. Very expertly done.

  6. Barry Jackson says:

    Excellent. Just goes to show anyone can rank with a good team and plan. These guys know their stuff. Thanks for this.

  7. Warren Jenkins says:

    Good video for anyone wanting to learn about SEO and how its possible to rank in google.

  8. Terrence Crawford says:

    I’m a noob when it comes to SEO, but this proves that in the right hands anyone can rank in google.

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