Gold’s Gym Indianapolis Released a Statement for Gym Goer to not Fall Off their New Years Resolutions for Fitness

Indianapolis, IN (PRWEB) February 25, 2014

A warning was issued today by Golds Gym Indianapolis concerning the impending Fitness Cliff.

The Fitness Cliff is when those who have made New Years Resolutions to get in shape give up on those dreams and revert back to their old ways.

People make New Year’s Resolution to live a healthier routine which includes joining the gym are the number one client to fall off the Fitness Cliff. Gym goers need to make the commitment to make a healthy lifestyle change all year around. These cliff sufferers set unlikely goals and become discouraged because they set unrealistic goals for fitness.

February 7th, it seems, is the start of the days that see the most people “fall off the wagon. Therefore, gyms around the country experience rapidly declining memberships.

New Years resolutions to get in better shape, develop fitness and enjoy better health are very common, but not nearly as many individuals actually manage to stick to their plans. Part of the problem is todays chaotic, frenzied lifestyle, but there are other issues that can force a consumer over the Fitness Cliff. Signs of impending let down include feeling too busy to make it to the gym, feeling irritation at the amount of effort and personal time it takes with no visible results, a lack of inspiration and eventually a slow return to old, harmful behaviors.

Complete health and wellness under one roof can help people to remain involved and make the most of their treasured time to avoid the cliff. For this reason Golds Gym Indianapolis, offers pilates, yoga, spin classes, a cardio theater with the latest movies, private womens facilities, and of course the most thorough weight training services anywhere.

The leader in the personal fitness industry is also offering a free three-day membership, as well as a free training session. However, for most consumers, the $ 75,000 reward offered to prevent Golds Gym members nationwide from falling into the fitness abyss is the most interesting aspect here. The 2013 Golds Gym Challenge reward program included $ 75,000 in cash prizes, as well as a Kinect Xbox 360 prize pack for every winner. The 2014 Gold’s Gym Challenge is underway and even more exciting than is past years.

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