Good News for Moms Who Need a Job — Power Moms 5 Steps for Stay-at-Home Business Success Shares Solution

Salt Lake City, Utah (PRWEB) December 30, 2011

Today, Kim Power Stilson, announced the release of the new guide, Are you ready for 21st Century Success? The new guide addresses 10 questions which gives moms, who need to work, an opportunity to consider whether the 21st Century advantages can help them work successfully from home. The Are you ready for 21st Century Success? guide and answer guide is a complimentary introduction to the Power Moms 5 Steps for Stay-at-Home Business Success Series available in January 2012 on Web Campus World Wide.

Kim was the Vice President in a technology firm and had to leave her preschool children with nannies until she was laid off just after the September 11th tragedy. As a mother of three kids and wife of a policeman with odd shifts, Kim needed to work but decided she also needed to be home. After reading an article about the work-at-home moms (WAHMs) movement enabled by eMedia and the internet, she made the commitment to pursue a flexible way to bring in income while being home with her kids.

Over the next ten years, Kims business evolved with technology, growing from a consulting business to a daily talk radio show for women, which syndicated globally. After receiving numerous requests from listeners for advice on how to build a successful stay at home business, Kim decided to share what she had learned. She narrowed down the process to 5 imperative and inexpensive steps that include simple instructions on how to use technology tools are imperative and inexpensive tools for any type of small business. The Power Moms 5 Steps for Stay-at-Home Business Success series is the result. Her guide Are you ready for 21st Century Success? is an introduction guide that helps people decide if starting a business is for them.

I had my doubts about being able to switch from the corporate world to working at home, yet as I learned how to use 21st Century tools it became the perfect solution for me and my family, said Kim Power Stilson. First, you need decide if starting your own business is for you. The introduction guide Are you ready for 21st Century Success? outlines the 10 questions I have found it essential to ask before making a work-from-home commitment. I hope it will help others searching for a solution to make the best decision for their families as well.

Statistics are on the side of the Power Moms 5 Steps for Stay-at-Home Business Success soon to be launched in January 2012. With 82.8 million Mothers in the United States and 72 million women employed outside the home, there are only a little over 5 million stay-at-home mothers according to the Women by the Numbers report by the U.S. Census Bureau. The Center for Womens Business Research says there are 10.1 million women-owned businesses and that number is projected to grow.

Kim says her experiences showed her that eMedia and all of the internets vast resources are usable and practicable without a lot of technical expertise. She says she learned how to reach her goals on a boot-strap budget and passes those streamlined strategies on to those seeking assistance in her 5 steps.

Women who have to balance their time between earning an income and raising a family need an inexpensive and simple path to success, said Kim Power Stilson. Technology can be daunting so I make business success tools and practices easy apply in the Power Moms 5 Steps to Stay-at-Home Business Success series. Entrepreneurial grandmas to small business mamma’s to my own kids have tried the 5 steps and say they make promoting a business simpler. I hope these steps will be a boon to families ready to have their mothers home more. If I can help more mothers use their talents to provide an income while working from home, with their families, I would consider it an honor.

Kim suggests hopeful business owners first answer the questions in the, Are you Ready for 21st Century Success? which is the introduction to the Power Moms 5 Steps for Stay-at-Home Business Success Series. The series includes 12 volumes which you can download or study online, and is available in January 2012. For more information please visit

Kim Power Stilson describes herself as a megaphone for business owners. Over the last 10 years she has given an eMedia PR, Radio & TV voice to thousands of small and women-owned businesses. As an award-winning pioneer of Internet Talk Radio, talk show host and co-founder of the Prepared Housewives, her mission is to change the socioeconomic status of a million homes by helping moms feed and fund their families from the kitchen. An eMedia marketing strategist, Kim shares her expert advice in magazines, and is a sought after speaker for corporations, organizations, universities and national publications.

Kim hosts a syndicated talk show targeted to the worlds largest consumer group and their Health, Wealth, and other interests. You can listen to the Power Moms Health, Wealth & Everything Else! & her new TalkWorthy Radio Show broadcast and stream daily to almost 20 million syndicated listeners. A dual citizen, Kim divides her time between the United States, England & Ireland. She has 4 dogs, 3 kids, 2 cats and 1 very patient husband. Visit her eMedia Box at


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