Google 日本語入力ピロピロバージョン

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20 Responses to Google 日本語入力ピロピロバージョン

  1. しゅうと says:


  2. Google香港 says:

    用雙手打字已經out啦!Google 再次為大家帶來驚喜,將party用嘅捲笛變成Google 日語捲笛輸入器,內置傳送器就會記錄低捲笛伸長嘅幅度,自動轉換成日語文字,成為最佳嘅「空氣鍵盤」!有咗Google日語捲笛輸入器呢個小道具,就算你係做緊捏陶、整緊頭髮、或者抱住小朋友無手打字,你都可以輕鬆係智能手機透過Google 日語捲笛輸入器輸入文字、上網搜尋,甚至同朋友傾計!即上YouTube 睇睇有幾神奇 ,仲有全球首批月家心得分享呢!

  3. Zaphod B says:

    as a potter who is constantly going to salons, arigatou gozaimasu

  4. Fumi Yamazaki says:

    Google日本語入力ピロピロバージョン。 ブログ

  5. Cliff Wade says:

    The brand new “keyless keyboard” by +Google is now official. #Google #Keyless #Keyboard #KeylessKeyboard 

  6. Chris Pratt says:

    You think this is a game? (That is a reference to one of the earliest cat me mes to ever hit the internet. You probably won’t understand it.)

  7. あやめちゃん強力 says:


  8. やづるスタジオ says:


  9. Zhanhong Liu says:


  10. Jeff The Ripper says:

    i’m not sure, it is prank or real thing

  11. げ~むばか says:


  12. Ryo NAGASAWA says:

    +Hisaya MURATAさん、陶芸作家だったんですか! 1:24

  13. 簡單生活Easylife says:

    Google 團隊可是很認真的在搞笑,記得開中文字幕 … XDD

  14. Билгүүн Гантөмөр says:

    April’s Fools pls

  15. Bic Lisard says:

    but this was posted on the 31 of march….. which is not april fools..

  16. DylpickleA says:

    It’s a product from Japan… seems legit…

  17. Pizz izle says:

    This joke can only be done by the Chinese .. otherwise it’s just to unbelievably stupid.

  18. Julia Cortez says:

    This is very strange

  19. Denesia Barbecho says:


  20. Nathan diMaggio says:

    April fools joke deffo

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