Google Adsense Check PROOF!

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE: 1st check from google adsence program! I does work!!!!

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16 Responses to Google Adsense Check PROOF!

  1. MinecraftThisPro says:

    what if i want to make it for my youtube how does that work. i do have a partner ship whell basic one

  2. totalmoon1 says:

    Nice video! After your videos get a certain amount of views and getting some subscribers, then you’re supposed to monetize your videos? I’m new to this.

  3. BradyHill1 says:

    start off taking 6 months to get the first check, then you start getting check every month (takes $100 build up to get a check) next thing you know, you’re making your house payment with it

  4. turbocharge500 says:


  5. pavy415 says:

    First check of mine was greater

  6. GoHiper says:

    how long did you need time to get 100$ ? …

  7. austingost505 says:

    hey thank you…. i did my first blog today ad set it up with adsense and i already have $2.00 thanks to blogger(dot)com can you give me more tips to add more revenue?

  8. gangaramsapkota says:

    Dude .. nice video you spoke very polietely i like your video but can you tell me one answer i am in portugal and can i recieve check in portugal and can i change my street address information please answer i would be very thank ful

  9. soccrball1998 says:

    So how long dose it take to get ur frist cheack

  10. xXCrazyxNoobxX says:

    Please reply! So, if I understand what I read in AdSense, I get my check 1 month after I reach $100? And does AdSense work in Canada?

  11. flores234 says:

    check my channel out 

  12. ravi69585 says:

    i am using it pays more then adsense but they do not accept to sign up with yout tube channel, you need a blog or a website.

  13. MarendaDotBiz says:


  14. Jan Yohana says:

    today i got the code, i am asking after how many days will i receive my check

  15. kovalev2798 says:

    i didnt see how much u win ?

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