Google Adsense Fraud Check! NO JOKE

Google Adsense sent a fraud check to me and I dont want this to trick anyone else or anything like that. The check looks very real and it even has a watermark Everyone Favorite and like to get this out there and get people to know!!!!
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19 thoughts on “Google Adsense Fraud Check! NO JOKE

  1. Google AdSense is a fraud, most people never get paid. Google will do anything to keep from having to pay it publishers. Do not put them on your website you are just giving them free money. I had an AdWords account and did receive refund for fraudulent clicks but here is the deal I would receive $0.15 back. I NEVER paid 15 cents for a click my average click cost was $1.10 so they stole $.95. AdSense waits until they have to pay you then they disable your account not in the middle of the month!!

  2. Ugh. I just got my pin then they disabled my account saying I clicked my own ads mind you I don’t even watch my videos after uploading them. They’re such a scam !

  3. HOW THE BLOODY HELL CAN A BANK SEND FAKE CHEQUES ? Guys you have to contact the newspapers,you can even ask them for money for your INFORMATION.Dont tell them the full details,just say it is about fake cheques from a bank.then ask what they will pay for your information and that you will give story to someone else instead.when they find out it involves the biggest internet site they will probably give you more cash.

  4. THIS HAPPENED TO ME. I also got a check from Citibank that happened to be fake The guy wouldnt give back the check either but he made a photocopy of the check for me I have no idea how to contact Google to fix this

  5. I have a question, have you seen this thing called the MegaMaxi Money Maker? (google it). My uncle says it makes people get more income than YouTube partnership.

  6. It probably was from someone that is not connected to Google, when I got my first cheque (it wasn’t a cheque it was direct deposit) it showed up in my bank account as money. So I would say they are legit, and someone outside of google photocopied a cheque or something and sent it to you or something, that’s a theory only I know but I don’t believe they are fake.

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