Google Adsense Payday

I got my first Google Adsense check in the mail. I joined Google Adsense to raise money for charity. The funds raised will go to the Oliver Gospel Mission in Columbia, SC. They are helping men with addictions and homelessness.
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18 Responses to Google Adsense Payday

  1. Mathew Raatz says:

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  2. TheMoncha1 says:

    i earn 1 a day please subscribe

  3. ima4ster says:

    Dans un développement récent, Google Adsense réintégré mon compte.

  4. Rap2dinGuerie says:

    Bonsoir c’est pas de l’arnaque au final ? beaucoup de personne on leur compte google adsense supprimer POURQUOI ? HELP ME

  5. ima4ster says:

    As I recall, Adsense sent me an invitation to join.

  6. ima4ster says:

    It’s one of my favorite knives….very fun to play with.

  7. legofan9898 says:

    I have that same knife!

  8. Tony Gorgone says:

    Hi how do I make a account for google Adsense

  9. ima4ster says:

    Thanks for watching and commenting.

  10. SexyxGamer says:

    Thank you for being charitable!

  11. ima4ster says:

    They had cancelled my account after mailing the second check to me. It bounced when I tried to cash it at my bank. My best advice is to read and follow the rules closely. I didn’t bother to read all of the rules about clicking off the adds when watching my own videos.

  12. rlsmith29 says:

    Why did the second check bounce ima4ster?

  13. ngochoalongxuong says:

    Hi! Have you heard in regard to the Tube Cash Exposure? I revealed it on Google Search and read quite a few great stuff about it. Some of my friend also strongly recommend me to try it

  14. ima4ster says:

    The check in this video was real all right….I cashed it. Their second check was the one that bounced.

  15. Geckster862 says:

    Its a fake check mate how do i know that because its a fraud it happened to me

  16. eugennx says:

    you didn’t supposed to make videos like this one because is said in the google politics you can not show your earnings or you will be banned ,you are making mistakes you are paid for them..have a nice day

  17. 1993Bazz says:

    how to claim that money ? :S

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