Google AdWords Advanced Training – February London 2014

Google AdWords Advanced Training – February London 2014
Event on 2014-02-25 09:00:00

in association with Google's

Your Certified Trainer for Google Analytics

Matt Trimmer

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Your Certified Trainer for Google AdWords

Sharron Lonsdale

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What did previous attendees think*?

Were your objectives met?
95% Said "Yes, all" or "Yes most"

Overall, how did you rate the course?
97% Said "Excellent" or "Good"

Overall, how did you rate the tutor?
99% Said "Excellent" or "Good"

Overall how did you rate the theoretical content of the training?
96% Said "Excellent" or "Good"

Overall how did you rate the technical content of the training?
93% Said "Excellent" or "Good"

Overall how did you rate the marketing content of the training?
88% Said "Excellent" or "Good"

Overall how did you rate the pace of the training?
75% Said "About Right"

Would you recommend the training to peers in other organisations?
98% Said "Yes"

*Results of our public and on-site workshop survey of 80 attendees.


About ivantage

ivantage is a Google Analytics Certified Partner (previously, Authorized Consultant) and an Urchin Certified Partner. This means we are trained, authorized and supported by Google. ivantage is also a Google AdWords Certified Partner (previously, Qualified Company).

ivantage has been officially authorized by Google for GA and Urchin since 2005; you can check our professional and Google qualifications here.

ivantage is a leading Internet marketing agency specializing in growing online businesses through traffic generation, traffic analysis and traffic conversion using Natural Search (SEO), Paid Search (PPC), Display Advertising and E-mail marketing augmented by Web Analytics and Conversion Rate Optimisation.

We offer our experience, knowledge and expertise not only to our long term clients but to attendees participating in our popular seminars, public hands-on training courses, private on-site hands-on training courses and short term consulting engagements.

You make investments in training infrequently and the extent of a trainee’s skill at the end of a course significantly affects their future capabilities to deliver the outcomes you require.

By choosing a Google Certified Partner to provide your training, you can ensure that you are giving your colleagues the very best start in their engagement with Web analytics and online marketing so as to give your organization the very best chance of getting the business results you have targeted.

at LMG Training and Development
202 Blackfriars Road
Waterloo, United Kingdom

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