Google AdWords (Advanced) Training – November London 2015

Google AdWords (Advanced) Training – November London 2015
Event on 2015-11-17 09:00:00
Run potent AdWords campaigns with ease and expertise

Whether you’re new to paid search advertising using Google AdWords or need to be expert with the latest techniques and features, ivantage’s introductory and advanced Google AdWords training days will help you to::

  • Understand the benefits of a well structured AdWords account and the improved return on investment it can generate
  • Discover the different ways in which you can measure the performance of AdWords campaigns – so you can do more of ‘what works’ – and find out how to improve areas of weakness
  • Take specific action to improve and develop your existing AdWords campaign performance
  • Extend the reach of your campaigns by making use of the latest features introduced by Google to AdWords

How to decide – Which days to sign up for?
Google Adwords course streamGoogle adwords: daily course breakdownDay 1 – AdWords 301: Advanced Optimisation Techniques

Is designed for individuals who have graduated from the AdWords 101 and 201 courses or have equivalent experience. It focuses on advanced optimizations that can be used to drive more profit from campaigns. It also dives into some of the more advanced tools and features that AdWords has to offer.Day 2 – AdWords 302: Advanced Conversion Optimisation

Follows on from 301 and focuses on both advanced measurement and increasing success through conversion tracking, ROI analysis and advanced bidding strategies. It also explores the benefits of testing particular elements of online advertising campaigns and gives actionable advice on how to devise and conduct strategic tests.Day 3 – AdWords 101: Introduction to Paid Search Management

Is a one day Google AdWords training course aimed at online marketers, web executives, webmasters, agency account managers/directors, and campaign managers who need to set-up, manage and optimise Google AdWords paid search campaigns, following industry best practice to start generating profitable website traffic.Day 4 – AdWords 201: Building Profitable Paid Search Campaigns

Is aimed at an audience similar to that of the AdWords 101 course, but is for those who require Google AdWords training to give a deeper appreciation of the product’s many advanced concepts and who need to further optimise AdWords campaigns to improve profitability.what are the benefits of attending?Day 1 – AdWords 301: Advanced Optimisation Techniques

Students participating in this Google AdWords training course will understand how to make use of the more advanced tools and optimisation techniques available within Google AdWords. This will help to drive more profit from campaigns.Day 2 – AdWords 302: Advanced Conversion Optimisation

Students will know how to measure their campaigns' conversion effectively and use the knowledge to develop more effective bidding strategies. Students will also understand how to fine tune campaigns through effective, measurable split testing techniques and campaign analysis.Day 3 – AdWords 101: Introduction to Paid Search Management

Students will have planned their first campaign and learned step-by-step how to set up and manage it in a cost effective way. They will be familiar navigating around the interface, know how to build and develop effective keyword lists, and understand how to track and measure performance at all levels so that they can go on to optimise their campaigns in the future.Day 4 – AdWords 201: Building Profitable Paid Search Campaigns

Students will be able to manage, optimise and develop more sophisticated Google AdWords campaigns. They will know how to refine and improve their keyword lists, diagnose problems and how to set up effective campaigns on the Google Display Network.What’s the format of the training?

The seminars are hands-on courses where attendees use their own Google Analytics account and their own data, completing exercises under the direction of an experienced instructor. In our opinion, this format is the most effective for adult learning and knowledge retention. Our seminar leader presents material using PowerPoint, engaging students with relevant theory, practical examples and exercises to reinforce key concepts.Who is the instructor?

Our Google AdWords workshops are delivered by Sharron Lonsdale who is a world leading expert on Google AdWords and running profitable ppc campaigns. She possesses a thoroughness and attention to detail which ensures that students do not leave a course without having got the most from it.I would like to talk to the instructor before I attend – How do I do that?

Please contact us and we can have a chat.

I would like some more information before I attend – How do I get that?

Feel free to contact us now to discuss your requirements.HOW DO I BOOK?

Please select a suitable date to attend from our open, public training schedule and enter the number of tickets you require, and then select ‘Order Now’. All our public training courses can then be paid for by credit card via PayPal, by PayPal or by requesting an invoice on "Other Payment Options".Are there any pre-requisites for attending?

  • For Google AdWords training, attendees will require on-line administration access to an active Google AdWords account for the duration of the training. If you do not have access to a Google AdWords account, the trainer will help create one on the day.
  • A prerequisite of attending the 201 course is having completed the 101 course or possessing equivalent knowledge. A prerequisite of attending the 301 and 302 courses is having completed the 101 and 201 courses or possessing equivalent knowledge.

What are your Terms and Conditions?

Our open, public training terms and conditions can be read here and you will be asked to accept these terms and conditions in order to secure your booking.Can these courses be run on-site at my company?

Yes, private on-site training courses represent better value with an audience of three or more students and allow the instructor to focus on the client’s specific website, environment and challenges. We run private, on-site Google AdWords workshops virtually every week.

Courses work best in a quiet training room, where students should be individually equipped with Internet-connected PCs. In the absence of an on-site training room, a board room or meeting room works well with attendees bringing their own laptops with them or using previously set-up desktop PCs.

Feel free to contact us now to discuss your requirements.MORE INFORMATION

at ivantage@202 Blackfriars Road
202 Blackfriars Road
Waterloo, United Kingdom

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