Google AdWords Course

Google AdWords Course
Event on 2013-04-13 09:00:00
Nine out of every ten searches made on the internet, in Australia, are through Google. Search engine advertising is the fastest growing area in online advertising. Customers are, at this instant ?Googling? to buy from you (or your competitors!). Imagine the missed ?low hanging? hot leads you could get through Google Advertising. Whether you want to advertise worldwide or 20 kilometers from your business, Google Adwords can help you do that. Learn how to setup and run a successful Google Search Engine Advertising (Google AdWords) campaign and get the greatest return from your AdWords budget. In this course you will get a step by step insight into setting up a great campaign and learn ongoing account optimisation.

at Centre for Continuing Education (CCE), The University of Sydney
160 Missenden Road
Sydney, Australia

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