Google Adwords for Advertising

Info Level: Intermediate Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy Date Created: March 9, 2010 Length of Class: 65 Minutes Tracks Web Marketing Prerequisites Ability to Setup and Monitor Web Analytics Software Introduction to Web Marketing Purpose of Class This class teaches students how to use Google AdWords to promote their business, and why it is so effective. Topics Covered Actual Marketing Results for Eli the Computer Guy Repair Shop How to Use Google AdWords Strategies for a Successful Marketing Campaign Class Notes Introduction Google AdWords has the best return on investment for paid advertising Warning Analytics needs to be setup for your website before you use Adwords Tracking Go SLOW The Basics CPC — Cost Per Click Impressions — When an ad is seen CTR — % of times ad is clicked You can geographically target Adwords Campaigns are where you set daily budget and geographic targeting Ad Groups are containers for keywords Keywords Strategies Target competitors as keywords Decrease your CPC until you are only spending what you need to to hit your daily limit Use a small amount of keywords
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7 Responses to Google Adwords for Advertising

  1. Sean Denard says:

    Thank You yours was the first video that made sense to me. Quick question…Can you explain a little more about using your competitors search terms on your keyword list? I didn;t quite get that

  2. tj catch says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. The lessons you teach is very thorough and simple to understand. I have always read topics on adwords in forums and so forth, but never tried it. Now I will. Thanks again.

  3. Sebastian B says:

    love your videos!!!!!! very interesting……..

  4. Sintaxx2 says:

    aha nice story bro o.0

  5. brandyousocial says:

    Great Tips Eli! We referred a few clients to your videos.

  6. Nightmonkey17 says:

    Thanks Eli I’m trying to break into e-retailing and I need as much marketing help as I can get.

  7. bizbite2 says:

    Man, this is the best probably best place on whole youtube to learn IT and everything IT related. :) Good luck on your self paced studies. :)

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