Google AdWords: Introducing Enhanced Campaigns

Enhanced campaigns help businesses reach customers with ads relevant to their location, their time of day, and the device they’re using.
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10 Responses to Google AdWords: Introducing Enhanced Campaigns

  1. Ladysugarshaft says:

    Aww, why didn’t they let them kiss? :-)

  2. myhealthinvested says:

    I want a basic up to date videos that will teach me on google Adwords please email at g1akhtar at gmail dot com please do help as I want to start a campaign.

  3. jusu313 says:

    As an advertiser this a ten steps backwards!!!

  4. ZeeJayBay says:

    Love interracial couples.

  5. Tiga san says:

    Google Adwords

  6. AtlantaEcoCleaners says:

    Tried out the enhanced campaigns. Looks pretty good so far.

  7. nitro855 says:

    its sexy O.O

  8. slimj olshea says:

    they r trying to promote interracial dating

  9. slimj olshea says:


  10. Banyapon Poolsawasd says:

    waiting for this feature.

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