Google AdWords Location Targeting Tool

Learn three easy ways to target a location with the new Google AdWords Location Targeting Tool. Go to our FAQs in the AdWords Help Center for more details.
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  1. Anvo Meliss says:

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  3. Jamal Stevenson says:

    jtrigga-why not check it out

  4. dannyfortestv says:

    It’s amazing how many businesses owners will never know this tool actually exists!

  5. TheDinfay says:

    google adwords is a big ascam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­Caution! they Stealing money from Muslims and the Israeli public.

  6. jasoneg3 says:

    Can you target Zip codes? The old system allowed that (I think) but the new system is just way too snazzy and hard to use. Help Google?

  7. LollipopLocal says:

    Is this available in the UK yet…?

  8. Sadie-Michaela Harris says:

    Interesting :)

  9. A.K.M.Ali Hossain says:


  10. Unkn0wnGuy says:

    How does location targeting work with their ad display network?

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