Google AdWords Scam Ads

Acai Berry, Colon Cleanse, Government Grants – a conversion on why there are so many scam ads in Google AdWords.

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9 Responses to Google AdWords Scam Ads

  1. jobiegler says:

    😀 really funny!! but it would be better with two different voices, it´s hard to follow the conversation…

  2. DJNaydee says:

    oh my gosh this was hysterical!

  3. dsgsu says:

    genius and funny

  4. gmt903 says:

    this is really hard to follow b/c the voices are the same. i had to find a different video to explain the scam

  5. reelseo says:

    Dude… how do you create these great videos? Love it.

  6. reelseo says:

    aaron, what did you make this video with? Good Shit – Mark

  7. Jason Hartgrave says:

    The best line ever… Since I’m on Acai Berry with Colon Cleanse I cannot sit in one place very long…I was in tears. I hope this video goes viral! Well done!

  8. oldexbeat says:

    Thank you SEO Aaron.

  9. yourBusinessChannel says:

    LOL - well done!

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