Google AdWords Training in Melbourne | ESSENTIALS

Google AdWords Training in Melbourne | ESSENTIALS
Event on 2014-04-12 13:00:00

AdWords Essentials (9am to 4:30pm)A comprehensive full day course that covers practical setup plus ongoing measurement & management of an AdWords campaign. Learn to maintain a performing AdWords campaign, including conversion tracking & ongoing campaign optimisation.Requirements

All ADMi AdWords courses contain hands on lessons and real time examples. You are required to bring a laptop and login details for any AdWords accounts you would like to work on in class. Alternatively, please bring Gmail email login details.

AdWords Essential classes do not require existing knowledge of AdWords, though a basic knowledge will be  advantageous.

Who should attend?

The AdWords Essentials training course is ideal for Business Owners & Marketing Professionals that would like to take control of their AdWords campaigns and continually manage & optimise them using in-house resources.

Upon completion of the course, each student will have a functional AdWords account built to best practice that  will have the capacity to deliver qualified business leads at a low cost. Students will understand and  master the ongoing tasks required for successful AdWords management and will be well equipped to face a variety of  campaign challenges and scenarios.

Learning OutcomesSession 1

1. AdWords Insights

  • Understand the AdWords Auction, Quality Score & Ad Rank
  • Make Adwords work for your business
  • Take control of your campaigns & reduce costs
  • Understand AdWords terminology & theory

2. Account Setup

  • Structure an account based on your business goals
  • How structure affects performance & manageability
  • Advanced settings that can save you money!

3. Ad Group & Keyword Selection

  • Define Ad Groups for overall campaign performance
  • Choose the right keywords in the buying cycle
  • Understand how Keyword Match Types affect your bottom line
  • Find and use Negative Keywords correctly

4. Ad Copy

  • Write compelling ad copy that will stand out from your competitors
  • Learn how Ad Copy affects quality score and ca decrease cost per click
  • Discover Ad Copy secrets that can more than double your click through rate!

Session 2

1. Campaign Maintenance

  • Save money with campaign maintenance
  • Reduce your cost-per-click
  • The periodical maintenance required to keep your campaign performing

2. Conversion Tracking

  • A practical guide to conversion tracking set up and measurement
  • How to optimise your campaign based around conversions
  • Reduce your cost per conversion

3. Campaign Optimisation

  • How to optimise your campaigns around your business goals
  • Find areas of opportunity
  • Get the most out of your allocated click budget
  • Google Analytics basic – what happens post click?

3. AdWords Interface Training

  • Find the information you need in the interface
  • Essential reporting basics
  • Enhanced campaign features you must utilise

The Australian Digital Marketing Institute

Australian Digital Marketing Institute (ADMi) exists to fill the need for high quality, current education on digital services and technologies. The company was founded by a team of digital marketing experts with 30+ collective years of digital marketing experience. Their objective was to provide a market leading service across a diverse range of technologies to ensure Australian businesses and industry professionals have current knowledge and expertise to compete in the local and global market.


Purchase Policy

In the event you cannot make the session we allow a single transfer for a) to another course at equal or lower value or b) upgrade to a higher level in which case the fee difference is payable. There are no refunds for change of mind.  

at Melbourne – CAL
3 Prince Patrick Street
Richmond, Australia

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