Google Adwords Tutorial – Part4 – Improve Adwords Quality Score In this Google Adwords video tutorial part 4, our Dallas SEO Experts continue overview of google adwords management. We use an existing an Adwords campaign to highlight important concepts like quality score, match type. Our Google Adwords expert goes over Adwords campaign and all the details associated with it. We create an Advertising Group, Google Ads, optimal keywords, Clicks, Ad extensions, page rank, CPC, CTR, Daily budget, cost/conv, Maximum CPC, Conversion of sale, landing page, first page bid and discuss keyword match type to show you what is quality score? We provide SEO, Seo Optimization, Adwords Management and Analytics services. Also offering a 0 coupon for Google Adwords which is voucher for your Ad words campaign
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  4. baghul says:

    Yeah thick and juicy!! lol

  5. Dave Davis says:

    I rest my case.

  6. Dave Davis says:

    @classicdinner @classicdinner If you actually LOOK at this video, it says datatechnologyllc in the slides. I suggest you go here: /watch?v=rgiN261DBzc And look at your comments. They make absolutely NO SENSE on this video. Not thick, reserving that judgement for someone else.

  7. classicdinner says:

    are you thick? seriously you have no idea why I would think that? How about it says REDFLY on the slide maybe? and if has nothing to do with you why does it have your name on it? come on dude THINK

  8. baghul says:

    Not sure what you guys are talking about, we made a reference to Red Fly Marketing site videos that discuss Adwords.

  9. Dave Davis says:

    I have no idea what you are talking about. What happened with what? This video was not done by us. It’s pretty obvious. I don’t know why you would think it IS by us.

  10. classicdinner says:

    soooooooo what happened then?

  11. Dave Davis says:

    This video is NOT by Redfly. It’s pretty obvious.

  12. classicdinner says:

    redfly marketing wtf

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