Google Analytics, AdWords & Website Optimizer Training

Google Analytics, AdWords & Website Optimizer Training
Event on 2015-04-06 13:00:00
Day 1 Google Analytics 101 Introduction and UserTraining Day2Google Analytics 201 Advanced Analysis andMeasurement Day 3 Google Analytics 301 Advanced Tracking and TechnicalImplementations Day 4 (6th September) Google Website Optimizer 101Introduction to Landing PageOptimization Day 1 – Analytics 101: Introduction and User Training is a one day course aimed at people with responsibilities in the areas of sales, marketing, content, business analysis and web development who need to understand Google Analytics’ reports, interact with Google Analytics and improve the way they go on to use the information presented.Day 2 – Analytics 201: Advanced Analysis and Measurement is a one day course aimed at those with responsibilities in the areas of sales, marketing, content, business analysis and web development who need to take their understanding of Google Analytics to the next level, including data cleansing, best practice analysis and taking actions based on Google Analytics’ reports.Day 3 – Analytics 301: Advanced Tracking and Technical Implementations is a one day course aimed at those with responsibility for managing the deployment and/or the administration of a Google Analytics implementation or for those whose role requires them to have a deep understanding of Google Analytics’ advanced tracking capabilities and common implementation practices in simple and complex environments.________________________________Day 4 – Website Optimizer 101: Introduction to Landing Page Optimization is a one day course aimed at marketers with website performance responsibilities who intend to start running Google Website Optimizer experiments to improve the visitor-to-goal conversion rate by means of testing alternative content and accurately comparing outcomes.________________________________Day 1 – AdWords 301: Advanced Optimisation Techniques, is designed for individuals who have graduated from the AdWords 101 and 201 courses or have equivalent experience. It focuses on advanced optimizations that can be used to drive more profit from campaigns. It also dives into some of the more advanced tools and features that AdWords has to offer.Day 2 – AdWords 302: Advanced Conversion Optimisation, follows on from 301 and focuses on both advanced measurement and increasing success through conversion tracking, ROI analysis and advanced bidding strategies. It also explores the benefits of testing particular elements of online advertising campaigns and gives actionable advice on how to devise and conduct strategic tests.Day 3 – AdWords 101: Introduction to Paid Search Management is a one day course aimed at online marketers, web executives, webmasters, agency account managers/directors, and campaign managers who need to set-up, manage and optimise Google AdWords paid search campaigns, following industry best practice to start generating profitable website traffic.Day 4 – AdWords 201: Building Profitable Paid Search Campaigns is aimed at an audience similar to that of the AdWords 101 course, but is for those who require a deeper appreciation of Google AdWords’ many advanced concepts and who need to further optimise AdWords campaigns to improve profitability. ticks – 00.00

at Holiday Inn in Manchester
Altringham Road
Manchester, United Kingdom

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