Google Analytics Certification Classes May 2013

Google Analytics Certification Classes May 2013
Event on 2013-05-02 13:00:00
Google Analytics Comprehensive Training & Certification Classes

 Learn how to navigate Google Analytics,  analyze data and improve your overall business performance and ROI.– The online marketplace has never been more competitive, no matter what practice area you're in. Learn how to track web visitors and turn those visitors into qualified leads. Analytics is a powerful tool that will help you determine which practices are best for your business in terms of marketing and advertising online.


Beginning Google Analytics: Thurs, March 2nd from 1-5pm   

 Intermediate Google Analytics:  Thurs, May 9th from 1-5pm 

 Advanced Google  Analytics:  Thurs, May 16th  from 1-5pm

Analyzing you Google Analytics Data:  Thurs, May 23rd from 1-5pm

Google AnalyticsTest Prep:  Thurs, May 30th from 1-5pm

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Whether you are new to Google Analytics or are already managing  multiple Analytics campaigns, we can teach you the best ways to use the full potential and power of Google Analytics. Improve your ROI, your customer acquisition and retention and your overall web performance.

  • Account Set-Up & Management —Learn how to properly set up accounts, new profiles, install tracking codes and more. Do it right the first time, learn how to properly manage client accounts.
  • Data Cleansing: Filters & Goals– Engagement principles, campaign tagging, landing pages & bounce rates. Learn about conversions including goal set-up, reports and e-commerce tracking. Learn how to create custom reports, API integration and more.
  • Dig Deeper into your Executive Account Structure — Learn best practices for account setting, user management & account structure. Adjust your account to easily gather the most relevant data.
  • e-commerce Tracking— Learn how Google Analytics works and best practices for tracking, reporting and analyzing your AdWords, AdSense and e-commerce data.
  • Adjust and improve your ROIwith Google Analytics to determine the strengths and weaknesses of  advertising copy, keywords, landing pages, and more.
  • Advanced tracking and monitoring client conversions with simple, straightforward reporting. We'll go in-depth into filters, conversion tracking, Flash tracking, custom visitor variables, managing cookies & tracking and extracting data.


Beginning Analytics: Introduction, Comprehensive Account Set-Up, Report Fundamentals and More. This introductory training course is aimed at people with responsibilities in the areas of sales, marketing, content, business analysis and web development who need to understand how to implement Google Analytics, create reports and interact with Google Analytics. We will cover adding tracking codes to sites, setting up an executive dashboard, creating new profiles vs. new accounts, basic reporting, setting up goals, ecommerce tracking and more. 

Intermediate Analytics: Advanced Analysis and Measurement is for people who have attended Beginning Anayltics or who have a solid basic understanding of Google Analytics. This course will cover data cleansing including filters and multiple domains/subdomains. Best practices for AdWords incorporation and online advertising. Engagement principles, campaign tagging, landing pages & bounce rates. Learn about conversions including goal set-up, reports and ecommerce in-depth. Learn how to create custom reports, report sharing, API and more. 

Advanced Analytics: Advanced Tracking and Technical Implementations is for people looking to have a deep understanding of Google Analytics’ advanced tracking capabilities and common implementation practices in simple and complex environments. Learn how the tracking code works and how to customize it. Best practices will be presented for accounts & user management, filters, conversion tracking, advertising and AdWords, AdSense, Flash tracking, Custom Visitor Variable, Managing Cookies & tracking and Extracting Data. Our Analytics Seminars are Structured After the Google Seminars for Success. 

Analyzing your Google Analytics Data: You demanded it, we are offering it! Become a better Analyst of Google Analytics data by learning from a pro. Walk through specific case studies of what you can do once your Google Analytics account is properly configured and tracking data. Attendees get to see Google Analytics through the mind of an Analyst, watching as our expert walks through how he analyzes the data found in GA, how insights are gained and how you can become a great analyst. 

Google Analytics Test Prep: Thinking about getting Google Analytics Certified? It's a great way to boost your resume and prove your in-depth understanding of Google's compex software. Join us and we'll help you get ready to take and pass your Google Analytics Individual Certification Test. For more information check out the Google Testing Center and the Google Analytics Learning CenterJoin us for our highly acclaimed Google AdWords Certification Classes. Click here for more information. 

DemandQuest: the Twin Cities' only Google Certified Partner offering complete training.

DemandQuest was founded by marketing & sales entrepreneur Ted Kozlowski. Having crafted marketing solutions for a variety of organizations and industries, and having worked extensively with such internet marketing companies as Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, Facebook and LinkedIn, DemandQuest’s founder and instructors are uniquely qualified to take the guesswork out of your marketing efforts and provide processes and solutions that are easy to use and affordable for businesses of all sizes.


Three Deep Marketing: the Twin Cities' only Google Analytics Certified Partner 

Three Deep is laser-focused on developing lead optimization and customer retention practices that result in measurable improvements along the entire marketing and sales demand chain. These sustainable technology-enabled processes result in accelerated customer acquisition, enhanced lead quality, increased sales productivity and improved business results. As the only Google Analytics Certified Partner in the state of Minnesota, we are trained and specialized in getting the most out of your analytics. Our analysts have taken and passed the Google Analytics Individual Qualification test and are passionate about helping your business glean insights and make informed marketing decisions with our web analytics services. 

Please call with any questions, 612-460-8770. Thanks! 

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