Google Analytics Explained: Get to Know Your Website Visitors, hosted by Ottawa Chamber of Commerce N-VisionIT, 613 722 1965 Here’s what you’l learn – Understand how your visitors use your website – Know where your visitors are coming from – Easily track online campaigns – Learn which campaigns are working, eliminate those that aren’t – Fix issues that you didn’t even know existed N-VisionIT Interactive is a social media consulting company in Ottawa that specializes in creating entire Internet presences including professional website design, website development, mobile application development and social media marketing. With millions of companies coming online every year, it’s becoming more and more vital that a web design is professional and engaging to potential customers. You have only one chance for your website design to create a positive first impression and if your online presence only has a few seconds to make that first impression, whether it’s a web design, mobile app or social media presence. Doubt our claims? Make sure you’re not logged into Google then search for what you’d expect your customers to search for, if you’re not at the top of the list, you’re losing 95%++ of potential customers to your competitors. Take action today and bring your business to the next level, you work hard and owe it to yourself to attract the right customers.

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