Google Analytics for WordPress

This video shows you why you should install the Google Analytics for WordPress plugin instead of just embedding the Google Analytics tracking code straight into your blog. It shows you how it uses WordPress functionality to save all sorts of post meta data in custom variables and events, and where to find these custom variables and events in Google Analytics.
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24 Responses to Google Analytics for WordPress

  1. Moises Ramos says:

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    Hi I am new to plugg ins. I have downloaded your plugg in which I would lik to activate. How do I do that once I an in the dasf board of my wordpress site? Thank you for your help, Sofia

  3. Jens Reinemer says:

    Wieso kann ich meinen Account von Google nicht mit dem Plugin verbinden? Es gibt immer eine Fehlermeldung, dass dies nicht funktioniert.

  4. Kimma Wreh says:

    I get “Invalid Token” error message. What can I do to get around this?

  5. Erik Wahlen says:

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  8. James Stafford says:

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  9. Tony Thunberg says:

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  10. Derrick Thorington says:

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  11. wordpressjiaocheng says:

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  12. Boul Racy says:

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  13. Aruna Prem says:

    You speak too fast, you mumble and you switch from WordPress too….. a web browser? without telling us what you are doing. And you are not explaining what all those things that you talk about really are and explain for us that dont understand the web-jargon. I had installed the plugin and tried to follow this tutorial but didnt get anything at all :-(

  14. Hassan Habib says:

    it seems that wordpress has banned this from working on their blogs

  15. David Brice says:

    Looks very good. Is any data shown in the WordPress dashboard?

  16. Sri Lanka Microsoft says:

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  17. adikrisb says:

    Great post thanks a lot i’ll try and let you know how I get on with it.

  18. Mubble says:

    – Hi mate. Did you ever figure this out? Do you add the code to the css or just install the plugin?

  19. Mubble says:

    Should just adding it as a plugin make google analytics work? Or should I also add the code displayed on my Google analystics account? I can’t see the analytics code in my css code.

  20. LiovaElise says:

    This is not helpfull at all, I’m sorry to say that. Your voice is extremely annoying because it’s like you’re swallowing the microphone. And really I cannot see what you are doing. Bad tutorial, didn’t help me at all.

  21. Ziad Naboulsi says:

    Should just adding it as a plugin make google analytics work? or should I also add the code?

  22. ysiendotuyo says:

    (Very) Interesting tutorial but audio unacceptable

  23. ederangelo21 says:

    hellow, translate to portuguese Brazil pleasy…. regards . Eder

  24. amandaladkak1 says:

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