Google Analytics in 60 Seconds: Find the Best Keywords

Learn how to use Google Analytics to find your best performing keywords in Google AdWords and adjust your campaigns to increase the return on your advertisin…

13 thoughts on “Google Analytics in 60 Seconds: Find the Best Keywords

  1. this is great advice, but do you have advice for people who are just starting a business and have very few visits in google analytics to base their adword campaign off of?

  2. You *can* track conversions generated by your site. Set up a conversion page (offering coupons, sign up forms, whatever you can come up with), or track it on paper. Just find out which of your customers found out about you via your adwords website and calculate ROI yourself.

  3. Way too general. This assumes that you have a website where you can track the ROI for the service you are offering. This is very difficult to do with a flash based photography website.

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