Google Analytics – Number Nerd

Google Analytics – Number Nerd

Image by LollyKnit
Have you checked out Google Analytics? I have been using it for about two months on my blog, and it is very interesting to track…

Sure, it’s not about quantity, but I do like the graphs :)

The Map Overlay may be my favorite of all! how many people visited the site from Sri Lanka? you can find it out with Google Analytics!

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5 Responses to Google Analytics – Number Nerd

  1. LollyKnit says:

    Cat: Sweden is lucky #7 :) thanks to you!!

  2. Ühltje says:

    He, I’m in too. At an impressive #10 haha.

  3. kelp! says:

    I love that google opened this up to everyone (it used to be only for analytics customers, I believe) – it’s so pretty and free! The map overlay is new to me, I’m off to check that out..

  4. catsfalk says:

    Just glad I could help, ;-D

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