Google Analytics Reporting 101

Google Analytics Reporting 101
Event on 2015-01-23 10:00:00

Google Analytics produces thousands of different metrics and statistics.  There’s so much data it can be more confusing than enlightening.  How can one figure out what’s working and what needs improvement?  After all what actions can you realistically take with page view and traffic source statistics?

On the other hand critical decisions about where to invest time and money are simplified when your data helps you answer important questions:

  • What pages are most likely to trigger a sales lead or conversion on the website?
  • What traffic sources (including social media) are most likely to deliver conversions?
  • Which PDFs, videos and other web assets contribute to conversions?

This session will demystify the Google Analytics reports and help you answer these questions.   We’ll look at some basic GA settings, asset tagging, and which reports will help you most and how to use those reports.

This session is meant for beginner / novice Google Analytics users.

What you will learn by attending this seminar

  • How to track your key performance indicators (KPIs) with Google Analytics
  • Report marketing campaign performance relative to your KPIs
  • Performance of website assets like PDFs, videos, and social media relative to your KPIs
  • How to get more SEO information

Speaker Bio:

David Bird spent 15 years in content marketing where he used Google Analytics to guide marketing and sales strategy decisions.  He is the owner of Bird’s Eye Marketing; a consulting company that helps small and medium businesses.  David has also upgraded several organizations to Google’s new Universal Analytics and Google Tag Manager. Visit David’s website:

at Invest Ottawa
80 Aberdeen St., Suite 100
Ottawa, Canada

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