Google Analytics Tutorial 2: Essential Stats

Learn to track the four essential site statistics – unique visitors, visits, page views and referrers – using Google Analytics. Second in a series.
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8 Responses to Google Analytics Tutorial 2: Essential Stats

  1. Biswabhusan Panda says:

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  2. MrAstor69 says:

    coll stuff:]

  3. michael nehmad says:

    hey do you have to coppy the code to all the pages? or just at the top? were else can you get the code from? thansk

  4. Ian Lurie says:

    Only if you have e-commerce enabled, or if their IP address allows tracking. IP-based geographical tracking is very unreliable, though.

  5. rpalcantara10 says:

    can you view exactly where the user is from City/State/Country?

  6. Ian Lurie says:

    Hi Burgess – yes they’ve released a new version. The basic stats and principles remain the same, though.

  7. BurgessHillUncovered says:

    Your screen shots look very different from the google analytics that i’ve been using since October. Have they had a design change since you made this video?

  8. siterevision says:

    Good tutorial. I think a tutorial on setting up the ecommerce features of GA would be very useful.

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