Google Analytics Tutorial – Setting Goals

An overview of how to use Google Analytics to set goals and analyze the success of your website. The goal feature of analytics is very important to measure c…
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  1. I think your totally´╗┐ right ! It’s great to have such a Strategic view on goals before going deeper in it. Objectives are key. You did a great job, thx for the tutorial ! ­čÖé

  2. Thank you for sharing! I found it was very´╗┐ helpful that you went through different goal possibilities, it helped me better define my own goals.

  3. I find that most people keep a pretty narrow minded view of what the goal of their website is, so I wanted to´╗┐ go through a few possibilities and demonstrate that there can be plenty of conversion points that aren’t as obvious. I hope you made it to the juicy part and found it helpful!

  4. GET TO THE POINT!!!!! 90 seconds in and there’s no tutorial. I’m here because I already know EXACTLY what´╗┐ I want to track, just show us how to do it!

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