Google Analytics: Uncovering Your Website’s Secrets

Google Analytics: Uncovering Your Website’s Secrets
Event on 2015-07-21 10:00:00
Your website has a great story to tell you…. You just need to uncover it. But here’s the problem… If you’re like most website owners (and bloggers for that matter) you don’t really know how to dig out the really valuable data from Google Analytics. And let’s be honest, simply knowing your page views and traffic sources doesn’t really help you make marketing decisions that will pull more traffic to your website. So what else can Google Analytics tell you? In this introductory session, we’ll the basics, of how you can use Google Analytics to reveal things like: Which are your most valuable traffic sources and blog posts? Do you need to focus more on your mobile audience? How can you use Google Analytics to stir your creative juices? Your website has lots to tell you about visitor behaviour, learn how Google Analytics tells you the story. Prerequisites for attending this seminar:  None Speaker Bio: David Bird has spent 15 years working as a content marketer where he’s used Google Analytics to guide marketing and sales strategy decisions. He’s the owner of Bird’s Eye Marketing, a marketing services company for organizations who do not have the time, expertise or internal staff resources to deliver modern day marketing programs.

at Invest Ottawa
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Ottawa, Canada

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