Google Apps for Business

Learn how Google Apps for Business can help your business keep up with new business challenges. Find out what it means to work in “the cloud.”

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10 Responses to Google Apps for Business

  1. Gary Verderamo says:

    Actually, it WILL BECOME Google Drive. So technically this is not out of date but you are a little ahead of things.

  2. apdemont2 says:

    a little dated since google docs is now google drive

  3. Eric Goforth says:

    For anyone considering Google App, PLEASE do yourself a favor. Take time to talk with an authorized Reseller that can help you completely understand all that Google Apps can do for you, and considerations to think about before deploying. It will cost you NOTHING more than going to Google and you will have a great relationship with a real human being. To find the list of approved resellers search in the Google Apps Marketplace.

  4. Lucas Benning says:

    Just thought I’d reply here and let you know that’s exactly what I’ve set up a company to help people do — namely help people get a professional email address with the power of Google using their GoogleApps (GMail for Business) offering. We’re called “Your Cloud Specialist” and you can visit our site by googling yourcloudspecialist. Only ongoing cost is your domain name (which is next to nothing). Just in case you decide you want a hand setting it up…

  5. plzdeletemyacct says:

    hello; i need to delete my account but Google is not letting me. please help me delete my account. thankyou

  6. mjou812utube says:

    Niice ! Thanks Google apps Guys!


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  8. KathyHolmesOhio says:

    Great presentation! Quick, easy to follow and informative.

  9. shawneed805 says:

    Amazing video! The sound could be a little bit more noticable but I still certainly enjoyed it.

  10. leonec76 says:

    Outstanding movie! My spouse and I learned a large amount. It should really be a bit longer!

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