Google Apps Premier Edition: email migration tool

Google Apps Premier Edition: email migration tool

Image by qthrul
The new email migration tool service is very slick.

It figured out my IMAP w/ SSL and just worked… very very nice.

3 thoughts on “Google Apps Premier Edition: email migration tool

  1. I just saw this page from google while searching for migration tools. While you mention that this tool is available for only premier app users, a simple loop iin fetchmail can do this for you, in all editions of google apps.

  2. Yes, bulk import with fetchmail is viable for simply placing legacy emails within Gmail. That said, I’d be curious to know if you retain conversation threading and timestamps relevant to the headers processing done by Google’s migration tool (by comparison).

  3. I think the conversation threading is handled using the Message-ID header; fetchmail can preserve all headers. I am actually looking for a way to migrate google accounts – including orkut, web history etc… Its a pity that google doesn’t provide it; otherwise I would have instantly migrated to google apps totally instead of having to use two different accounts.

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