Google Apps – Work in the Future

Google Apps - Work in the Future

See how Google Apps helps you work with any team at any time from any place with any device.

18 thoughts on “Google Apps – Work in the Future

  1. You should let go of your Privacy and Security concerns in order to love Google. And, I love Google now, It is great, Its like my second brain. Thank you Google.

  2. Yes, but that buys your entire team email, calendar, an office suite (including a Visio-type drawing tool), a personal 5GB file server (unlimited for Google-formatted files), collaboration tools, and more, and it’s all in the cloud so it’s not device or OS specific and can be accessed anywhere with an Internet connection. Oh and Google Sites & Groups! If you want to find a good reseller, try NeoNova. We not only handle migrations, but also change management and 24/7 support + ongoing training.

  3. Slingshot has Gone Google with all of our hosted clients, and it truly is “Invisible IT” that just works. In fact, we integrated our first domain with the Google Apps platform over four years ago, and have never looked back. Now we only use Google Apps and are busy upgrading our clients onto the enterprise quality Google Apps for Education, Business and Government. Instead of downloading software, and hassling with the IT ourselves, we use apps from the Marketplace, which also just work.

  4. For anyone considering Google App, PLEASE do yourself a favor. Take time to talk with an authorized Reseller that can help you completely understand all that Google Apps can do for you, and considerations to think about before deploying. It will cost you NOTHING more than going to Google and you will have a great relationship with a real human being. Contact me, or find the list of approved resellers in the Google Apps Marketplace.

  5. And it’s all storaged in the google database so that we can simply take the good ideas and dring them to life. and you’ll get none of the money cause we got the patent.

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