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Most websites have a Google Analytics account but how many webmasters regularly waste the invaluable marketing information it provides.

It is easy to be overwhelmed by graphs and columns of numbers so the key is to ask questions and only look at data that makes a difference for your site.  But which questions should you asking?

 Google Analytics – a gold mine of marketing information

 All sites have a purpose and whatever sort of site yours is, we shall look at how Google Analytics data can help it meet its goals.

We shall look at how to identify site goals and how to incorporate them into Google Analytics.  We shall then look at how to use the data from Google Analytics to show

  • More profitable – however that is defined and even if it is not an ecommerce site
  • How to make a site easier and more effective for visitors to use
  • How to attract more traffic from the search engines
  • How effective your social media campaigns are in driving traffic to your site
  • How to make Adwords more profitable and get more good quality visitors for the same budget – if you are running any Adwords campaigns then Google Analytics can show exactly which keywords are working and which are a waste of money
  • Which products your visitors like and which do not interest them. It can even show what they are looking for when you don’t stock it yet!
  • How to take the guesswork out of finding the best lay-out for a page, which headline is most engaging, which product image customers react most favourably to?

Running a website without looking at the analytics data behind it is like running a race blindfold when all your competitors can see perfectly.  This non-technical course will aim to take the blindfolds off so you can keep up with – and outpace – the competition.



About the trainer

Sally provides online marketing services to clients and uses Google Analtyics as the main driver of all marketing campaigns and activities, including SEO, Adwords and usability.

She has been running training courses on SEO, Adwords and Google Analytics for over 10 years.  This has included classroom courses and also more informal training for clients enabling them to take as much of the online marketing process in house as they have resources to handle and then providing ongoing support as needed. 

at Winchester Discovery Centre
Jewry Street
Winchester, United Kingdom

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