Google Backs Rival of Docker, the Cloud's Next Big Thing

Google Backs Rival of Docker, the Cloud's Next Big Thing
For many, Docker is the next big thing in cloud computing. But some big names—most notably Google—are now backing an alternative to this enormously influential technology. In December, one of Docker's earliest supporters, the Silicon Valley startup …
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With Timeful Acquisition, Google Aims To Supercharge Its Apps
Google is announcing that it has acquired Timeful. Though the app will stay available and supported for the foreseeable future, its team will devote most of its future efforts to implementing Timeful-like features in Google's existing productivity apps …
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Does Europe hate Google or hate America?
On the same day European regulators filed formal antitrust charges against Google last month, they also announced a new investigation into Google's Android operating system. Meanwhile, the company faces fines in several European countries for its 2012 …
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