Google+: Beautiful movies, made Auto Awesomely

Just take videos and photos with your phone as usual, and Google+ will automatically make you a beautiful short movie, complete with effects, transitions and…
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23 Responses to Google+: Beautiful movies, made Auto Awesomely

  1. Google says:

    Google+ is introducing more Auto Awesome features: *Action*, which creates a strobe-effect photo; *Eraser*, which erases stuff that’s moving in your photo to create a cleaner image; and *Movie*, which produces highlight reels from your photos and videos—complete with effects, transitions and a soundtrack—automatically.

  2. Arturo Cotto says:


  3. TheFerbMizanin2013 says:


  4. TheCommenter says:

    We want the old youtube GOOGLE+ PEACE OF SHIT

  5. MarkTheMudkip says:

    Shut up with bob…

  6. Daniel Mendalka says:

    I don’t care that people think about Google+ as “ghost town”. Combining all pictures from #Android and #Glass and using #autoawesome is amazing. If you used #iPhoto / #iMovie couple years ago, you’ll love it. Google+: Beautiful movies, made Auto Awesomely

  7. Ben Melz says:

    I would like to point out to all of you “Protesting” users, yelling and insulting google will not make them change anything. Why don’t you all try to reason with them instead if you hate google+ that badly?

  8. Blender Head says:


  9. Der Lee says:

    All my friends (10,000) is going to Bing! and Viemo for good. You (Google, Google+, and Youtube) really sucks now, it really breaks my heart, whatever you are doing, specially YouTube.

  10. Roy Antony says:

    which mobile is used in this commercial

  11. Kate Smith says:

    Google+: Beautiful movies, made Auto Awesomely

  12. spydermonkey57 says:

    Fuck you Google for ruining the gaming community with all this copyright bullshit.

  13. The Epic Smile Guy says:

    1st: REMOVE FUCKING G+ 2nd:STOP THE COPYRIGHTS NON-SENSE FOR FUCK SAKE I mean im trying to start my gaming channel but nooo google decided to be a dick and throw shit at me and it’s not fair so plz google stop this non-sense

  14. June Landas says:

    And this is exactly why road accidents happen often on North American highways… They are all making “awesome” google movies while driving… LOL

  15. GLICKTON says:

    But why oh why do we now have to go through google to get our youtube messages? oh yeah i forgot, you are spying on us….

  16. pablo moreira says:

    I think the coolest thing of this video is that his GF or actress is so cool.

  17. Hazhar Ghaderi says:

    I really like this feature, but I wish I could make it choose a song from a playlist of mine. 

  18. Ricther Belmont says:

    Googles a good search engine but as a facebook wannabe its utterly shit

  19. 1337_Vid305 says:

    Google+ will burn in hell

  20. Mohamad Haris Ishak says:

    really love this feature soooo much!

  21. David Davidson says:

    A woman driving, lol… 

  22. KuroiTsukiNoKami says:

    fuck google+

  23. Greg Montaño says:

    This is so cool. I’ll be shooting more video than usual in hopes I have an #autoawesome video notification tonight. Great new feature

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