Google+: Beautiful movies, made Auto Awesomely

Just take videos and photos with your phone as usual, and Google+ will automatically make you a beautiful short movie, complete with effects, transitions and…
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23 thoughts on “Google+: Beautiful movies, made Auto Awesomely

  1. Google+ is introducing more Auto Awesome features: *Action*, which creates a strobe-effect photo; *Eraser*, which erases stuff that’s moving in your photo to create a cleaner image; and *Movie*, which produces highlight reels from your photos and videos—complete with effects, transitions and a soundtrack—automatically.

  2. I don’t care that people think about Google+ as “ghost town”. Combining all pictures from #Android and #Glass and using #autoawesome is amazing. If you used #iPhoto / #iMovie couple years ago, you’ll love it. Google+: Beautiful movies, made Auto Awesomely

  3. I would like to point out to all of you “Protesting” users, yelling and insulting google will not make them change anything. Why don’t you all try to reason with them instead if you hate google+ that badly?

  4. All my friends (10,000) is going to Bing! and Viemo for good. You (Google, Google+, and Youtube) really sucks now, it really breaks my heart, whatever you are doing, specially YouTube.

  5. 1st: REMOVE FUCKING G+ 2nd:STOP THE COPYRIGHTS NON-SENSE FOR FUCK SAKE I mean im trying to start my gaming channel but nooo google decided to be a dick and throw shit at me and it’s not fair so plz google stop this non-sense

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