Google Builds a New Tablet for the Fight Against Ebola

Google Builds a New Tablet for the Fight Against Ebola
In 2010, he tracked down someone at Google who could help him use its Google Earth service to map the locations of patients during a cholera epidemic in Haiti. As part of its charitable arm,, the tech giant runs a “crisis response team” that …
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To sell luxury Android Wear watches, Google must support the iPhone
Google, Intel, and Tag Heuer are uniting in a mighty alliance to push Android Wear dramatically upmarket with a new smart timepiece from the Swiss watchmaker. Its price hasn't yet been announced, but it's safe to assume it will be the most expensive …
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Everything You Need To Know About The Google-Twitter Partnership
In the old world, Google used to crawl Twitter in order to pull out relevant tweets for search results. That didn't work very well — try to crawl a velocity of 8,766 tweets per second, and you'll find out why. If Google did try to crawl Twitter at the …
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