Google buying music app Songza

Google buying music app Songza
SAN FRANCISCO — Google is buying the popular music app Songza as the big tech companies ramp up streaming music offerings. The app, available on all major mobile platforms and the web, is a free music streaming service with custom playlists curated …
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China's month-long Google clampdown hits businesses
Nearly a month after China intensified its clampdown on Google's services, many Chinese businesses are discovering how exposed they are to the US search company, whose fortunes in China are hostage to the so-called Great Firewall, designed to keep …
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Why Google Capital Placed Its Hadoop Bet On MapR
Now that MapR has received a load of cash from Google Capital, it is time to ask: What does this latest round of Hadoop funding mean? All three of the major players have gotten large amounts of money from well-known investors. What can we infer from …
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